Why would an ultrasound help if I'm getting an abortion?

You just found out that you are pregnant, and you think that abortion is the best option for you. Why should you bother to get an ultrasound?

3 Reasons Why Ultrasounds Are Important Before Abortion:

1. An Ultrasound Can Tell You How Far Along You Are.

There are two types of abortion available early in pregnancy: medical and surgical. 

A medical abortion requires taking two drugs. The first one, mifepristone, blocks progesterone, preventing the pregnancy from staying implanted or growing. As a result, the pregnancy ends.

The second drug, misoprostol, is taken hours or days later. It causes the uterus to contract and cramp to expel the pregnancy and related tissue from the body.

According to the FDA, medical abortions should only be performed through a woman’s tenth week of pregnancy. An ultrasound is the most accurate way to pinpoint how far along you are.

2. An Ultrasound Can Tell if a Pregnancy Is Viable.

Viability in early pregnancy basically means that a pregnancy has a good chance of continuing until birth. Finding a heartbeat on the ultrasound screen is a sign of viability. 

It is important to discover if the pregnancy is viable since up to one in four early pregnancies are lost to miscarriage. There is some speculation that the number could even be higher since many are lost before a pregnancy has even been confirmed. 

If the pregnancy will most likely miscarry, there is no sense in paying financially for an abortion and experiencing the side effects. It is helpful to discover this information before making a choice about your pregnancy. 

3. An Ultrasound Can Tell if a Pregnancy Is Growing in the Uterus.

In rare cases (some estimates are 1 in 50 pregnancies), a pregnancy develops elsewhere instead of the fertilized egg implanting in the uterus. Usually, this occurs in the fallopian tubes.

When this occurs, it is called an ectopic pregnancy. If this pregnancy is not discovered and removed, it may become a severe and life-threatening condition. 

It is much better to discover an ectopic pregnancy earlier than later. A medical abortion cannot treat an ectopic pregnancy.

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