Pregnancy Options

What if I Think I’m Pregnant?

At WRC, we offer free services that include pregnancy tests. You may make an appointment or just come in during our service hours. We will start with a simple pregnancy test (your first appointment may take less than half an hour). After getting your negative or positive test result, you are welcome to chat with us about the news. We are glad to offer support and talk confidentially.

If your test is positive, you may want us to walk through the steps of your pregnancy decisions with you. We will meet you where you are emotionally as we encourage you to take a deep breath. It is important to take time to make a thoughtful decision about the direction of your life (and that of your unborn baby). We know that your pregnancy choices are yours alone to make, and we respect that.

Finding out you’re pregnant can be joyful, terrifying, or somewhere in between. We get that. We are here with a compassionate and caring response, ready to help you through the most simple or complicated circumstances. We can come alongside you as you think about how to tell the other people impacted by the pregnancy, and we can direct you to resources that may be more valuable than you realize. (If you are looking for assistance from Job & Family Services, we will provide a form that verifies your positive test.) Please know that as you consider your future, it’s always best to gather as much information as possible before finalizing any plans.

You might want to parent. We offer a diaper program, a parenting class, and mentoring, all free to you. We want you to feel supported and trusted in your decision making. We will help you as you start this new adventure with your child, whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth. It would be our privilege and pleasure to be part of your parenting experience. You are not alone!

Considering abortion? Abortion can have a lifelong impact not only on the mother and baby, but also on others who are involved. We have volunteers who have also faced this tough decision; and we have met with hundreds of young women (and men) with unexpected or unwanted pregnancies. At WRC, we believe you deserve to know all the things that should be considered in order to make an informed decision. We do not offer or refer for abortion services, but we can provide an ultrasound and serve as a non-judgmental sounding board as you think through your options. We are concerned about both you and your baby.

What about adoption? A challenging and selfless choice, some women find the idea of placing a child in a loving adoptive home an overwhelming idea, especially at first. But you might come to the conclusion that it’s the most hopeful option for both you and your child. If this becomes your decision, we will support it in every way we know how, including providing you with a variety of resources. We are not in any way connected to particular agencies, but we are happy to share general information and referrals that will answer questions you might have as you seek the very best outcome for you and your baby.

We appreciate you inviting us into your ongoing story, and we commit to giving you Help for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.