It’s such a big thing to find out you’re pregnant. With all the different tests on the market, some want reassurance from one of our laboratory-quality tests.  Also, some women just appreciate the emotional support, pregnancy information, and materials we give to each client who takes a test with us. If proof of pregnancy is needed, we supply that; and, since all our services are free of charge, you have nothing to lose. Plus, we’d like to meet you and talk about the next steps in your pregnancy. We get that your test might not give the result you hoped for and we can offer help.

We give urine tests that detect the level of hCG hormone. We recommend waiting 7-10 days after intercourse. These tests are 99% accurate, with a positive test more reliable than a negative one. We are happy to discuss any questions you have about this when you visit.

No, since we’re not a medical facility; however, we do have information and resources that can help you with any questions you might have. Btw, STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) are commonly used interchangeably to mean the same thing.

Although a condom does offer some protection from some diseases, there are several STDs/STIs for which a condom offers little or no protection. The only way to be sure you don’t get an STD/STI is to not have sex or only have sex only within a faithful, committed, monogamous relationship (marriage) with an uninfected partner.

You are welcome to come in any time with questions, but for a test to be accurate it needs to be about 7-10 days after intercourse.

Come on in for a free pregnancy test and we can go from there. For some questions we will refer you to your medical professional.

No. Unless you ask for our help in sharing information with an outside source, you can be assured that your visit and all related information will be kept confidential (except for rare exceptions due to legal requirements).

Actually, we’re not able to . . . Because we’re not medical, we recommend you talk to your medical provider and make your own decision based on your health and behavioral choices.

The Morning After Pill is considered to be emergency contraception that can be taken within the first 72 hours after intercourse to prevent pregnancy. The Morning After Pill is a high dosage of the birth control pill, and when it is used properly, it prevents or ends pregnancy, depending on the timing of ovulation. It is also known as Plan B and by some other names. It’s not actually something we give out or recommend.

Yes, we are glad to, though we do not perform or make referrals for abortions.

If you’ve experienced an abortion and wonder if some things you’re feeling are related to it, we can help you figure that out. According to statistics, you might experience the following: depression, sensitivity to seeing babies and children, nightmares, drug or alcohol abuse, loneliness, anger, guilt, difficulty with intimacy, panic attacks, etc. Call 419-424-9948 to chat confidentially with Belinda and she will connect you with someone who has walked in your shoes.

Please let someone you trust know about what happened. We are glad to dialogue with you and help you find the support and legal assistance that will work best for you and your situation. We care.

It’s up to you. We welcome walk-ins but also make appointments.

For any questions we haven’t answered here, please email us at info@wrchancock.org or call 419-424-9948 and ask for Laurie.